Care of Braces

Taking Care of Your Appliances

Broken or damaged brackets and appliances can lengthen treatment time. A broken bracket is one that moves on the archwire. If the bracket is not attached to your tooth, it is broken and providing no physical movement of your tooth. Your teeth and/or jaw can only move into the correct position only if your appliances, brackets, bands, rubber bands or headgear are attached correctly and worn as Dr. Tigani has recommended to you.  

Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth with Braces


When you have braces it is very important to brush and floss after every meal in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout your treatment. Proper brushing technique is of vital importance to prevent your gums from being irritated and becoming infected. If you need help choosing the correct toothbrush or toothpaste please ask us. Remember, electric toothbrushes are a great way to keep your gums and teeth healthy!



Please read the following for proper toothbrushing and flossing instructions:


Brushing: Step 1
Using a tooth brush , a small amount of tooth paste and a little water on the toothbrush, place the bristles where the gum and teeth meet.

Brushing: Step 2
Use a circular, vibrating motion to brush around the gum line.

Brushing: Step 3
Brush each tooth slowly i the same circular motion.

Brushing: Step 4
Brush the upper teeth from the gum line down and the lower teeth from the gum line up.  Remember to brush the roof of your mouth and and tongue too.

Brushing: Step 5
The entire brushing process should be for at least two minutes. You should brush each quadrant of your mouth for 30 seconds at a minimum.


* If you have an electric toothbrush, follow the above instructions with the exception that the electric brush will pause every 30 seconds so that you know to move to the next quadrant of your mouth.



Flossing: Step 1
Carefully place waxed or unwaxed floss between the braces and wire. A floss threader may be helpful to thread the floss.


Flossing: Step 2
Carefully floss around the braces.


Flossing: Step 3
Carefully floss around the gum line.


Flossing: Step 4
Carefully floss around each tooth.



Playing Sports with Braces
A commonly asked questions is, Can I play sports with braces? And the answer is, YES. You can still play sports while undergoing orthodontic treatment. If you do play a sport, you should wear an orthodontic mouthguard in order to protect your teeth. There are many different brands of mouth guards so ask Dr. Tigani which one is right for you.

In case of trauma or an emergency arises from playing sports, please contact the office immediately.