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I have known Dr. Tigani for eleven years.  He is a wonderful orthodontist, not to mention a terrific person.  I have four children, so I visit alot of doctors' offices, and I've never experienced such a well-run, well-managed office as Dr. Tigani's. He and his staff are friendly, organized and dependable; it is the only practice in which our appointments are actually on time.  Dr. Tigani and his staff are very helpful and informative; Dr. Tigani treats each of his patients and parents with genuine courtesy, and is very methodical in his explanations of the orthodontic process catered to each of his clients.  I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for an excellent orthodontist in conjunction with a highly supportive staff.

Amy E. K.M.

Dr. Tigani has done excellent work on three of my children.  One thing that I truly appreciate, is that he has made having braces enjoyable for them.  Dr. Tigani understands kids and keeps the experience fun with encouragement and rewards.  He also spends time helping us, as parents, understand our treatment plans.  The office is friendly and efficient.  We all look forward to appointments and are thrilled with the results.

Sally G.

Thank you Dr. Tigani and staff for making orthodontia pain-free and fun.  My children actually enjoy visiting your office.  Dr. Tigani is never late, EVER, and the orthodontic process is clearly explained and professionally undertaken.  What more can you ask for?  We have three children currently in the practice; we'll be returning for the next three children.  In sum: Beautiful smiles, happy children, and a doctor that takes your time and his seriously.  Thank you!

Patricia K.

My lower teeth were always crooked, and throughout my fifties they shifted so much that my dentist became concerned.  He refered me to Dr. Tigani.  My experience has been entirely positive, in every way.  First, Dr. Tigani himself is not only skilled and knowledgeable, he's warm and funny and understanding.  I'm clearly one of his older patients, yet I've never felt "old" in an office where most patients are teenagers.  He clearly explained my situation and the treatment, and prepared me for the pain of the initial appliance.  The pain was brief and easily managed. My treatment - a total of four aligners - was easy to tolerate, and the results are, to me,practically miraculous!  Everyone on the office staff has been effecient, friendly, and supportive.  I've never waited longer than a few moments, and no one wastes time.  I am not just a satisfied patient - I am an absolutely delighted one!

Judy T.

Our family has had three sets of Tigani braces – lots of visits to the office and utter confidence in every member of the team that my children are well cared for, understood as teens who hate braces but like good teeth and will get a comprehensive solution to orthodontic problems. From the front office to the treatment room, every single member of the team gets it, knows what they are doing and does it superbly. The care continues long after the braces are off too – and the partnership is sealed with the child/teen ager understanding what they must do to maintain good orthodontic care. One of the aspects of the office that stands out is the fact that the minor patient is responsible for sign in, scheduling, knowing the routine and taking care of their braces. From the beginning they need to take charge and they like it. So I’d say competence, kindness and care are the hallmarks of Dr. Tigani and team.

Ann C.