How to Choose an Orthodontist

It starts with your initial consultation.  The orthodontist that you are choosing should have the highest credentials in the field, be well trained in that specialty,  be highly educated in the latest technological advances, but most importantly be personable, caring, attentive and respectful.

Dr. Tigani believes that the doctor/patient relationship is a team effort. A patient should be comfortable with his or her orthodontist and should be able to ask any question at any time. After four years of dental school, all orthodontists have an additional  two to three years of specialty traning. It is important to remember that not only training and expertise are part of the orthodontic experience, but personality and "fit" are equally important..

In choosing an orthodontist, many patients will seek referrals from their dentists, pediatricians, friends or the internet. However, most importantly choose the orthodontist that you are most comfortable with and whose diagnosis and treament plan makes the most logical sense. Remember... this is a long term commitment!

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